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A Bit More About Noisettes

We are sisters (you’ll know it when you hear us talk) who love to work together and decided to make it official.


Michelle is a chef who worked in restaurants and private homes in New York City and Los Angeles, CA, for almost 20 years until relocating to Grass Valley, CA in 2020.

Mary was a pro snowboarder turned professional cook and small farm owner - she has been in and around Truckee, CA for more than a decade. 

The Sallah sisters are always inspired by working together - their creative energies blend to create wonderful menus inspired by the prolific agricultural community that surrounds them. Noisettes Mobile Kitchen is available for private events, and can serve spectacular meals even in non traditional event spaces. Message us for more details, and keep an eye out for pop up dinners in the Nevada County area!

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Follow us at @noisettes_mobilekitchen

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